14 August 2015

REVEW: L'Oreal Paris Color Riche L'Ombre Pure eyeshadow

This eyeshadow is by far my most used and favourite eyeshadow of all time. If I'm going to do an eye look it is always  included somewhere. I only have one shade but I really do want to try more as not only is the colour beautiful, the formula is amazing. The shade I have is "201 Café Saint Germain" which also says nude on the packaging but I think that is just the type of shade although I could be wrong.

The Formula
The shadow is described as a "Gel-infused eyeshadow" which I guess I agree with. It's unlike any other eyeshadow I've ever tried as it is so soft and creamy meaning it is super blendable on the lid. It is not too long wearing, but then no eyeshadow lasts on my lids so I definitely need to invest in a good primer! (Any good suggestions?)
The Packaging
It is so sleek and gorgeous with the gold rim around the lid. Its a good size for a single eyeshadow and I feel like it fits nicely into my makeup bag. The only problem I have with mine is that when the eyeshadow arrived when ordered from Boots it was smashed. I guess that's my own fault for ordering it online but it was not protected well in the Boots package. Then again it may be easily breakable due to the softness of the eyeshadow itself - So be careful!

The Colour
The range of colours for these eyeshadows is pretty good, with a lot of interesting nudes but also a few more vibrant colours. The shade I have is a taupe shade with purple tone to it. It has some shimmer in it so isn't matte but also isn't overly glittery. The pigmentation is good with only just putting on a couple of layers to get the true colour. I can't wait to try out more colours from the range and see is the love continues.
Overall, this is definitely my favourite eyeshadow and I really would recommend it to anyone.
 What are your favourite eyeshadows? And have you tried other colours from this range?
Love Rach xox


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  2. A good primer is defiantly the Uraban Decay primer potion and even better its on offer on feel unique!

  3. Hey, you commented on my blog post asking what camera i use:P it wouldn't let me reply to you so i thought id answer your question here. Hahah funnily enough i only use my IPhone 5 for a camera, and just edit it on a few apps. Thanks for the comment! x

    1. Thanks so much :) Yeah I use my IPhone 5 too but I'm not sure how to edit the photos! What apps do you use? Sorry for all the questions ahaha xox