12 August 2015

A Rocky First Post

I'm not entirely sure how I should start this post. Should I go with the more serious "Hello, my name is Rachael and this is my first post on my new blog" or should I go with a more humorous approach? Ultimately I'm unsure of how to start my blog but I'll let you know the basics:
1. I'm 17 years old and I'm still at high school
2. I aspire to be a midwife in the future and have already looked into (and applied) to do the course at University in the near future.
3. I've always been into looking through beauty and lifestyle blogs and have also spent A LOT of my time watching YouTube videos. I think it's an amazing hobby and would love to get into it myself and I feel like now is the right time to so here I am.
So there are the basics. I know this post is not the best but oh well everyone has to start somewhere. I'm not looking for this blog to become a huge success, it is more about me being able to express my opinions and interests and maybe even discuss them with other people! Talking about my interests, I love beauty and I also enjoy just talking about my life in general.
I think that's all for now but I'm going to try and upload a hopefully more interesting post soon. So goodbye for now!!
Love Rachael xox

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