17 August 2015

A Little Lush Laul

The other day I went to Newcastle shopping with my family and of course Lush was one of the shops I wanted to visit. I love Lush and all of their products. I usually buy the typical products like the Ickle Baby Bot or the Comforter bubble bar, but this time I decided to branch out. I went in planning to buy things with different (but still nice) scents to what I usually buy but that didn't work as two were repurchases. I bought two bath items: the Lush Sakura bath bomb and the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon. I also got the Lush Tea tree toner mist and lastly, the very interesting Golden Handshake hand treatment.

The Sakura Bath Bomb (Repurchase) - Described by Lush as:
"A celebration of spring, bursting into a floral fragrance. Inspired by the cherry blossom in Japan, this pretty bomb is designed to evoke the burst of optimism the first sign of spring brings. Calming mimosa and jasmine oils are complemented by lemon oil and orange flower to bring to mind the smell of this colourful season."
The Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon - Described by Lush as:
 "For those times when you need a bit of comfort. Instead of reaching for a sweet treat, run a bath and crumble this macaroon-shaped bar under the tap for some serious indulgence. With moisturising coconut oil and shea butter, Yuzu and Cocoa has a mood-brightening colour and scent thanks to a blend of citrus oils, with a chocolatey undertone. Coconut and shea butter get to work feeding your skin as you soak, while the citrus oils pep up your mood."
The Tea Tree Toner Mist (Repurchase) - Described by Lush as:
"Keep skin clear and refreshed. Tea tree is antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, so can help keep away the bacteria that can cause spots. Grapefruit is rich in vitamins and is also lightly astringent on the skin, whilst juniperberry is antiseptic and helps keep skin clean and clear. Use any time of day to keep skin refreshed, or to remove traces of makeup or cleanser."
The Golden Handshake -  Described by Lush as:
 "Feeling all washed up? This pampering, avocado, argan and castor oil hot hand mask is just the job for hardworking hands. Full of fresh cupuacu and murumuru butters to hydrate every nook and cranny and super-soak your paws."
I hope you appreciated the descriptions from Lush themselves instead of my rubbish descriptions but hopefully I'll be able to follow this up with an in depth review of each product soon.
What have you bought recently from Lush? What do you recommend?
Love Rach xox


  1. Ooh, looks like you got some great stuff! I haven't tried the Sakura Bath Bomb before but it sounds amazing, I love cherry blossoms!
    Always, Hunter

    1. Sakura really does smell amazing! I have it sitting in my bedroom at the moment and it fills the whole room. It's definitely one of my favourite bath bombs xox