8 May 2016

Easy Bake Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting!

The past 6 or so months have been such a whirlwind - with my last minute acceptance to university and of course the huge workload that comes with it. I wrote a post in October vowing to get back into blogging again but the truth is as I wrote a few draft posts I never uploaded them. I found the workload from university took over and now that it has calmed a little bit for a while I thought that this time I really would get back into something that I enjoy. I took the chance to do some baking this weekend and I decided to go ahead and post about it :)
Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

16 October 2015

Long time, No Blog

I know that I had not long started my blog when I went on a 'break'. The truth is I had started my blog as an extra thing to do whilst I was in my last year at high school but about a month into my last year I was offered a very last minute place at University to do Midwifery - This was a huge opportunity for me as it is the exact course and Uni that I wanted to go to. Now that I'm here it is extremely strange and unbelievable as I never dreamed that I would be here going into the next stage of my life just a month ago. It has been a very surreal month and now that I'm settled in and getting back into a routine I felt like I should start writing on my blog again. I love all things beauty and I really enjoyed writing the few posts on different beauty products on my blog and I can't wait to start again. It's also my favourite month in the year and a month that beauty and fashion become a lot more my sort of style so it's a great time to start. Let's hope that this time I can keep it going for a little while longer ahahahaha!!
Lots of love
Rach xox

20 August 2015

GRWM: Gold Eyes & Red Lips

I've decided to do a makeup tutorial for my blog but I'm unsure of how to set it out but I'm going to give it a go. The look I decided to go with was a gold eye and a red lip (as you can tell from the title of this post). The inspiration came from my most recent purchase of the original Urban Decay Naked Palette and I absolutely fell in love with the colour Half Baked as soon as I used it. Now lets move on to the actual makeup!!

19 August 2015

A Clothing Haul

Following my last post, which was a Lush Haul from my weekend in Newcastle, I thought I would do a haul for the clothing portion of my buys. I bought quite a few little things including a new backpack and one non-clothing item - the Naked Palette!!! If you want to check out my last post I'll link it below.

17 August 2015

A Little Lush Laul

The other day I went to Newcastle shopping with my family and of course Lush was one of the shops I wanted to visit. I love Lush and all of their products. I usually buy the typical products like the Ickle Baby Bot or the Comforter bubble bar, but this time I decided to branch out. I went in planning to buy things with different (but still nice) scents to what I usually buy but that didn't work as two were repurchases. I bought two bath items: the Lush Sakura bath bomb and the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon. I also got the Lush Tea tree toner mist and lastly, the very interesting Golden Handshake hand treatment.

14 August 2015

REVEW: L'Oreal Paris Color Riche L'Ombre Pure eyeshadow

This eyeshadow is by far my most used and favourite eyeshadow of all time. If I'm going to do an eye look it is always  included somewhere. I only have one shade but I really do want to try more as not only is the colour beautiful, the formula is amazing. The shade I have is "201 CafĂ© Saint Germain" which also says nude on the packaging but I think that is just the type of shade although I could be wrong.

A wee road trip...

For the first time all year, where I live in Scotland it was a lovely day! So after I finished work, my family and I decided to go on a little drive and make the most of the sunny day. We drove around some of the country roads and also stopped at a local town where there was a small Scottish night happening. (There was also an ice cream van which was out main reason for stopping by!) It's very rare that we have a good evening here so it was lovely to go out and spend some time with my family so I snapped a few pictures along the way to share with you. 

Love Rach xox