16 October 2015

Long time, No Blog

I know that I had not long started my blog when I went on a 'break'. The truth is I had started my blog as an extra thing to do whilst I was in my last year at high school but about a month into my last year I was offered a very last minute place at University to do Midwifery - This was a huge opportunity for me as it is the exact course and Uni that I wanted to go to. Now that I'm here it is extremely strange and unbelievable as I never dreamed that I would be here going into the next stage of my life just a month ago. It has been a very surreal month and now that I'm settled in and getting back into a routine I felt like I should start writing on my blog again. I love all things beauty and I really enjoyed writing the few posts on different beauty products on my blog and I can't wait to start again. It's also my favourite month in the year and a month that beauty and fashion become a lot more my sort of style so it's a great time to start. Let's hope that this time I can keep it going for a little while longer ahahahaha!!
Lots of love
Rach xox

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